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Grassy Ass. - - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

That's funny cu my Spanish teacher is always telling us its Gracias not Grassy Ass lol!

Funny sayings, haha

Funny pictures about I'm scared baby. Oh, and cool pics about I'm scared baby. Also, I'm scared baby.

SPELLING. AGH. But it's fine....it's funny. so  whatever.

Reminds me of the way me and my bff play around

ok, honestly i have NEVER laughed, in my life, as hard as i just laughed at this...tears were streaming and i almost quit breathing lol  i know... i need to get out more!

Epic text - Hey mom whats for lunch

fun site

Over protective brother LOLL Sooooo reminds me of something my older brother would say you betta watch yo back


Funny pictures about Want some updog for dinner? Oh, and cool pics about Want some updog for dinner? Also, Want some updog for dinner?