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A page from my wedding smashbook

A page from my wedding smashbook

Smashbook page idea - ten good things that happened today!

Summer Fun (for Mom): Homemade Smash Book

If you're not heavily entrenched in the world of scrapbooking, you may not have heard of the Smash Book phenomenon. A Smash Book ("Smash" is a brand name) is a

SmashBook idea website. Love the paint swatch waves!

Thinking I'm going to buy a Smashbook and start recording everything about the KK with pics and all!

The Crafty Blog Stalker: The Start of a Smash Book. Must have journal.

How to Start a Smash Book

McDaniel McDaniel Buys did a little SMASH-ing in her red book in celebration of motherhood.

How to create a smash book--like a scrapbook; each page has a subject (where  you want to go, favorite colors) make a collage about that subject. Cut out postcards, magazines, pictures, stickers, details, etc.

Share Your SMASH Book Pages - I love to look at other people's smash book pages!