Vintage Television

The Mid Century Predicta television. Still the best TV set ever designed! It's just a perfect example of Industrial Design.

vintage 50s atomic clock

Vintage atomic clock - I remember one just like this in my parent's bedroom.

Futuristic technology from 1957 — the Panoramic 111 TV from French company Téléavia.

Panoramic 111 TV from 1957 by French manufacturer, Téléavia. // i totally want a tv like this

Richard Whipple and Severin Jonassen, Predicta TV, for Philco, 1958

tv philco predicta Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.

1959 "Lumavision" | Design: Stig Lindberg | Plastic, Metal & Teak Veneer | Luxor Industri | Motala, Sweden

1959 "Lumavision" for Luxor Industri, Sweden by Stig Lindberg. Mid-century teak veneer modernist cabinetry meets the space age!

Spartan 1950's TV

Sparton (Sparks Withington) was a television set manufacturer located in Jackson, Michigan. They began by manufacturing radios in and TV sets in

Vintage 50s television

Portable Television My father in law was a TV repairman, so this brings back many, many fond memories from the golden age of television!

Gramophone entertainment center from Victorian Trading Co. Plays vinyl records, CDs and radio.

1960s TV & stand. A decorating period when we wanted furniture to appear as if it were floating.

Sparton “Nomad” Television (Model circa 1960 I would go for one of these today in view of all of the Drama with Time Warner Cable!

Stig Lindberg - "Lumavision"

The television set appears very old. However it could pass as a futuristic Television set if it was set on the right perspective.