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We all want beautiful but trendy nails, right? Here’s a look at some beautiful nude nail art – creating something elegant and unique at the same time.

Маникюр - дизайн ногтей

White nail polish became a hit and we couldn't be more excited about it. It is one of the best base colors. White nails looks pure and is what you need for an overall elegant look.

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Маникюр - дизайн ногтей

Маникюр - дизайн ногтей

Аппаратный маникюр, Бело-голубой маникюр, Градиентный маникюр на короткие ногти, Двухцветный летний маникюр, Идеи маникюра 2017, Идеи нежного маникюра, Красивый градиентный маникюр, Летний маникюр омбре

For those, who prefer the unshowy but original manicure, suit such variant. White and dark sky blue nail polishes are .

Delicadas, dulces y tiernas ❤

You've probably noticed a movement toward bare-ish nails lately. (Call it the anti-nail art, if you will.) The 2 of the biggest nail trends to emerge from the Spring/ Summer 2018 runway shows are the graphic art and matte metallic nails.

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Animal nails, Autumn nails with a pattern, Bird nail art, Bird nails, Black and…

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As perfect as she look, it's just a shell. The color with in her is her real beauty. The color is her thoughts, emotion, and personality. She can only so bit of her color because the shell is easier to show then to break.

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