Ravenia - We All Died For Honor [Dramatic Heroic Emotional]

A white dragon flying

White supreme were bankers and carried young assasins in numbers of million.as to white dragons these control electronics of the kkk clans. The electronics carries voice regonition, heart rythme patterns, and brain wave signatures.

I saw it and it instantly reminded me of my Gateway of Time...  From the inside... without the blue crystals.

Into the light at the center of the (cave) labyrinth. Inspiration for The Nymph's Labyrinth by bestselling author Danica Winters

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Storm in my heart by Wiiolis

Maree(meaning water in Romanian) is a beautiful water dragon that lives in and near the creek, she lives beneath the Weyr's cave and is rarely ever seen. Her gem is a icy blue color on her chest. No mate or crush.

burn by deviantart

Burn by jjpeabody dragon lake forest mountains monster beast creature animal