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Как правильно зашнуровать кеды паутинкой

Как правильно зашнуровать кеды паутинкой

Let's get tied!

Let's get tied!

Zipper has graced my converse knockoffs for a very long time now. I am old enough to be their mother, but I have had a couple tween boys make it a point to tell me my

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Мне очень понравилось. А вам? / Болталка / Разговоры на любые темы

Organic Oil Free non pore-clogging daily skin care.

24 kiểu buộc dây giày nhanh-độc-đẹp - phongtomchiengion

24 kiểu buộc dây giày nhanh-độc-đẹp - phongtomchiengion

It's kinda hard to decide to put this under the "How to" or "WTF" board - A website dedicated to...shoe lacing!!!

Pics For > Converse Shoelace Patterns

Angled Checker Lacing photo.... this site shows over 30 different ways to lace up your shoes

Whether you want to learn to lace shoes, tie shoelaces, stop shoelaces from coming undone, calculate shoelace lengths or even repair aglets, Ian's Shoelace Site has the answer.

Lug Starburst Lacing diagram

Tutorial for Starburst Lacing (lug version), in which all the shoelace segments cross diagonally in the middle of the shoe.

Lacing Guide There are well over 40 known U-Lace lacing patterns. Recently, the winner of Win Free Kicks For A Year contest created several lace-ups that we had never seen or thought of. So there are likely even more patterns out there to be discovered.