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Infinity Cutting Tools - Router sled for flattening a live-edge slab

Live-Edge Table Part 1 – How To Flatten a Slab with a Router - My Easy Woodworking Plans


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I am trying to find the best way to cut a radius +/-) on the end of a beam? Using a router and template guide seams to be the best idea. Although, I cannot get all the way through, even if I use the template on bothsides. A portable bandsaw woul…

Curved Router Carriage

Here is the basic carriage. Note that I chose to use my laminate trimmer with a cove cutting bit. Also, the router is boxed into the carriage to eliminate unwanted movement.

Homemade Woodworking Jigs | 2445d1204330416-jigs-jig-curve2.jpg

Before you begin even the simplest of woodworking projects, you’ll need some basic tools.

Мастерская Добрый Столяр

If you are actually appearing for a distinct means to create a couple of your beloved points, home furniture, hardwood, you'll prefer to visit this different twist on conventional woodworking tasks.