The Birds - Typography Poster. Nice. We actually have these birds in our yard every day. It's creepy.

The Birds (1963)

The Birds - Typography Poster. made a poster for a local theater! obviously inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, but the poster was for the original screenplay 'The Birds'

Social/Political Posters - Graphis

Imagery of the White dove flying to the word 'peace' with the letter 'A ' in red taking away from the word behind 'war' represent change. The use of the dove symbolises peace , holiness, godliness and hope.

450 ~interesting idea developing but don't know more~

Tycho In Australia This Week

Week 3 Negative space + focal point The negative space on this poster gives my eyes a place to rest, while the colorful effect masked over Australia stands out

123 Years: The Best of British Music by Taxi Studio

Beautiful Poster Designs

Posters / Logo Poster design created by Taxi Studio for IAMs upcoming festival, 123 Years: The Best of British Music

When I look at this picture, I don't know the meaning of it. There are some descriptions of this poster, but I just can find a piano and  a person on this poster.I cannot link this image with bear attack or blood.

Jordi Verdu poster for Bear Attack Nice us of negative space, perspective, and dramatic piano composition.

i doubt i will ever convince my husband to turn our living room into a gypsy tent.   maybe my studio?

Back and Forth Music Festival by Marcel Bachran, via Behance. Acoustic design inspiration each artist diff instrument

I have designed an Autism Awareness Campaign in which I've expressed how people with autism are affected. I've showed symptoms and signs associated with autism in symbols and visuals. The purpose of this campaign is to help us better understand autism and…

Autism Awareness Campaign: Posters include - My Brain Cannot Filter Out Information - My Senses Weigh Me Down - Instead of Words There Are Blank Spaces - My Social Skills Are Broken - My Emotions May Explode - Making Eye Contact is Quite Demanding - No Tw