Big sister sweetly introducing little sis to the ocean -- both of them dressed in their finest pink beachwear.

I love this one!  Maybe take Sadie to Lake Wheeler and try to duplicate our wedding photo on the dock at sunset?

kids photo shoot ideas - I actually think there may be a dock or two for fishing in our neighborhood---wonder if I could get Matilda to do this?

Los sitios más inesperados pueden convertirse en lugares ideales para aprender y.... desde luego, divertirse.  ¿Vamos a la playa?.

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Simply Adorable.  Might have to do this with my kids this summer at the beach!

Make a tent with sticks, leaves and a towel. This is great for an Island fun at the beach Kids always enjoy making tents. Finding items for the tent makes a fun treasure hunt activity for the kids. Photography by Ashlee Raubach