My 10 Steps to 3D Character Creation by `HazardousArts on deviantART

A few people have suggested I make this up, so I thought I would oblige. It's really only a visual interpretation of the steps I go through to make the . My 10 Steps to Character Creation

tenis_progress.jpg;  960 x 3526 (@25%)

This concept could well be used in combination to great effect for making quality meshes without a large polygon hit.

Hello everyone! Perhaps you can help me advice how to implement the model with the correct topology.

How can we implement this item with the correct topology. I did it with the boolean but I know it's not suck properly.

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ZBrush Detailing Clothes – Select Polygroups by UV + NoiseMaker by Andor Kollar – zbrushtuts

Thomas R W Butters Blog: 3ds Max Diamond Pattern Tutorial

Diamond Pattern (step 3 to better use:Ribbon > Modeling tab >Topology > Diamond)