Cyber Monday food color photography kitchen decor grapes print - fruit still life purple monochromatic food art - 11x14 print. $30,00, via Etsy.

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Image du Blog

Image du Blog

Still life Fruit

Something very interesting about this still-life. Not your average fruit bowl, but I love the themed peach-purple range of color

<p>Philadelphia-based photographer Andre Rucker has created this series of conceptual still life photographs to illustrate the versatility of nature. “Produced Illusion” as he calls the series, is exactly what it sounds- a well styled, produced, illusionary view of everyday objects repurposed. Styling by Dewey Saunders</p>

Produced Illusion and The Repurposing of Food

#2 fruit - Grapes- red or green.  Eat them fresh or freeze them for a snack.

fruit - Grapes- red or green. Eat them fresh or freeze them for a snack.

You're one Cool Banana! Did you know Tattly Temporary Tattoos can stick on nearly anything? Design by Peagreen Designs for Tattly.

Cool Banana

Everyone's going bananas with this totally chill design. Cool Banana by Peagreen Designs.

#Sicily red #grapes. Enjoy your  #september #holidays at #Trapani

but, really, they are Corinth Grapes, 'nick-named', 'Champagne Grapes'!

Flora Friday!

dusty pastels and juicy brights palette (photo by Johnny Miller) flower idea for Cameron. Love these colors