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RABBIT PLAYING MUSIC Gorleston Psalter - detail of a marginal scene of a rabbit and another animal playing music

Angry bird. Breviary of Mary of Savoy, Lombardy ca. 1430 (Chambéry, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 4, fol. 443r)

discarding images angry bird (Gypaetus barbatus) Breviary of Mary of Savoy, Lombardy ca.

Look at the backgrounds. They're reversed. Imagenes de un breviario.

Renaissance and baroque architecture essay sample Renaissance architecture is split into three periods: Early Renaissance (ca. High Renaissance (ca. and Late Renaissance

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It’s Xmas time! Christmas songs and carols everywhere! In this newest instalment of The Adventures of Medieval Killer Bunny we are going to look at what the medieval bunnies are planning for…

What is a "cloistered heart?" It is basically an analogy in which our lives can be seen as "monasteries," places where God is lov.

Book of Hours, MS fol. - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts - The Morgan Library & Museum [][] animals

It's About Time: Illuminated Manuscripts - Flora, courtesan, goddess of flowers and wife of Zephyr - French BnF 599 fol.

Initial D: The Virgin and Child (Getty Museum). Masters of Dirc van Delf Dutch, Utrecht, about 1405 - 1410 Gold leaf and tempera colors on parchment 6 x 4 in.