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I laughed a little too hard for this...

There are several conflicting versions of the first vision. The earliest one does NOT say he saw both god and Jesus. LDS no more.

29 Mormon Memes to Make You Smile - LDS.net: Mormon Social News Network

29 Mormon Memes To Make You Smile - LDS.net

I have just enough mormon friends to have totally snorted when I read this.

1851 By the bonnet brim was shorter and exposed the face more. Bonnets were worn by women and young girls wore hats.

Yeah and did anybody else see Matt smith and David Tennant on there too? I kinda sabt this teacher!

lds mormon funny memes hilarious I don't know. Emma Watson, Johnny Depp, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hucherson would all be pretty cool. But I have to admit Moroni would be too.

10 Fresh Memes Today! #5 Proposal Ideas With An Ring Made By Onions.

Voice activated coffee machine is my personal favorite.//Pizza Slaping Killed Me.

this is great

Mormon jokes - actually, we totally just copied and named our wifi this!