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greybeard86:  Axe #Viking #norse #weapons

This could be a weapon worthy of Ra(n)dbard, King of the Swedish colony in Russia circa A. Radbard is the hero in AUDRA'S QUEST by Kim Iverson Headlee -- and purportedly an ancestor of her husband's

Celtic axe

beautiful engraved axe blade, I know my dad would love this, so again, pinning this here because it is such a huge inspiration


koi-ax The design would make a good tattoo

RAGNAR Viking Axe Warrior Berserker Norse Cold by WulflundJewelry

RAGNAR - Viking Axe Warrior Berserker Norse Cold Weapon Vikings Asatru Pagan Re-enactment Lothbrok Bearded Axes Medieval Middle Ages Sca

Elmer Roush Dragon Axe  http://elmerroush.com/html/axes.html

Dragon Axe - Viking Pattern Axe shape with Elmer’s original Dragon ornament carved and chased into the axehead. Artist Elmer Roush Odd thing to post but ooooh shiny!