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Resume of a Cancer - Cancer At Work - Understanding a #Cancer from a work and career perspective. A useful #infographic to help understand the core competencies, strengths and communication skills of this #zodiac sign.

Resume of a Taurus - Understanding a Taurus from a work and career perspective. A useful infographic to help understand the core competencies, strengths, focus and communication skills of this sign. (and this is so true.

but ardent means passion/passionate so libra kisses with a passion passion

Kissing Style by Astrology Sign! -lol at the Gemini one but true sometimes. Very true about the Aquarius !

celtic tree calendar | celtic tree astrology was introduced by celtics the diverse group

Which tree did you fall from? based on celtic tree astrology - fun idea only, not relevant to real family history

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Here's something FUN! What is your Road Sign Horoscope and what does it say about you? Who even knew there was a Road Sign Horoscope? Well, we found it and now you can read all about it too!

Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! I keep telling Jesse this is why I have a hard time hearing things, my inner monologue is too loud!

Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋️ << SO TRUE!<<< my mind is ALWAYS full with 1 million things at once, i often get headaches bc of it and sleeping is nearly impossible if im not reeealy tired

Well, yup, I do love to cook and I know I love to eat.  Foodie that I am...  :)  Cancer zodiac Sign ♋

Cancers love to cook and eat. If they have made you a meal, it's a sign of compassion.

when a virgo wants something, they will think of every possible way of how to get it.

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I don't wait for the last straw either. If you offend me in any way, you're gonna be hearing about it

They are a mixture of both toughness and softness because while they have a soft heart and deep sensitivity, they also know when to put their foot down and stand up for themselves.