Sukhoi Berkut High Manoeuvrability Aircraft Photos Highly Manoeuvrability and high angle of attack, the Berkut (Eagle), initi.

Sukhoi Su-47,

When Kaede flew a swept-wing Colonies fighter jet in Prodigy, this is what it looked like. Russia's Sukhoi an experimental aircraft.

F-19 Specter. F-19 is a designation for a hypothetical United States fighter aircraft that has never been officially acknowledged, and has engendered much speculation that it might refer to a type of aircraft whose existence is still classified. In 1986, the  Monogram Models released a model aircraft kit, calling it the "F-19A Specter"

Specter, Although this is a Model, they say in a book called "The Defenders", that there is a squadron of these in Europe.

Russian Sukhoi SU-30 MK I (Photo Credit: FrigateRN)

- edit More details The Sukhoi MKI (NATO reporting name Flanker-H) heavy class, long-range, multi-role, air superiority fighter and strike fighter, in Indian Air Force insignia.

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Estaria a China projetando uma nova aeronave de transporte estratégico?

Chinese super airlifter - Pictures indicate that it may be the next strategic transport aircraft developed for the Chinese Air Force ( PLAAF - People's Liberation Army Air Force ) .


But the has avionics this plane has not even been made aware of.and the missile tech needs SERIOUS upgrades. Its ok, but even the would give it a real fight.

A-10 Thunderbolt II

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Grumman X-29

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