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Creative space.

Studio space for artists and creatives. Inspiration wall, loads of pens, and a great table.

Antoinette Murray at work. My daughter would almost give anything to share that desk and those paints! Abbey paints dragonflies too...

Antoinette Murray in her Hampton studio – styling by Julia Green, photograph by Armelle Habib

Sirima's Vintage Industrial Artist's Loft  ( http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/sirimas-vintage-industrial-artists-loft-house-tour-187770#_ )

Sirima's Vintage Industrial Artist's Loft

Waldersten's studio ( http://mialinnman.blogspot.com/2012/02/walderstens-studio.html )

On friday we are happy to present one of my favourite artists, Jesper Waldersten , at Linnman gallery .

room of creativity: i skapande händer

Studio, Pierre Olofsson - Swedish artist, Yes,please! Want this storage for studio!

studio with computer, drafting table and plan chests

Most of us, these days, have a space at home devoted to work: a home office, a studio, or just a simple desk in the corner of a room where .