Evelyn Ankers, early 1940s.

hair *inspiration* Evelyn Ankers, British actress born in Chile. Married to actor Richard Denning.

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American actress and singer BeBe Daniels wearing her hair in a marcel wave. This hairstyle rose to popularity in the and was comprised of a number of deep waves around the head.

This is such a beautiful and classic 1940s hairstyle

Fashion HistoryIn the women were encouraged to use their hair to ‘fix’ any flaws in their face. If she had perfect, shiny hair with a good color, she should use it t

the stunning Gene Tierney in real 40s glamour Classic Hollywood Stars. Vintage style.

Gene Tierney- gorgeous fashion She was the star of the movie, 'Laura' .a haunting movie and beautiful music. Comments: looks wealthy big hat with feather somewhat fancy a little bit of fur gloves that go mid for arm

Not everything has to change....

Our list of style icon& continue with the real-life princess Grace Kelly. Although she died of a car crash in fashion& love affair with her endures as her style is recreated across the glob.

Todays vintage hair & make up inspiration from Carole Landis (January 1, 1919 – July 5, 1948) | vintage 1940s hair + make up | 40s beauty

Todays vintage hair & make up inspiration from Carole Landis (January 1919 – July