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Medoflowers -- Aqua or water is used as an essential base to most cosmetics. Water is hydrating and an essential to skin health. Our water is UV sterilized to ensure it is in pristine condition for our formulations. <--- Thank you Captain Encyclopedia.

Huile et couleurs gouttes

Abstract ~ study of oil & water, photographer Karen Keogh. Slightly hard to find the words to describe this abstract photo. I like the cartoony looking bubbles formed by the mixture.

Topographic Paper Landscapes by Noriko Ambe

Noriko Ambe, A Piece of Flat Globe 2008 made with cut Yupo & glue, from Exhibition 4 "Second Nature", directed by Tokujin Yoshioka at DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo Photo by Masaya Yoshimura

Voronoi in bubbles. I love the organic nature of this. bubbles, skin, leaves, dragonfly wings. nature not data.

Voronoi in bubbles. I love the organic nature of bubbles, skin, leaves, dragonfly wings, nature.

Would you say i became a hero?

Discover 100 of the best texture photography with hundred. Ameticulous selection of natural textures with colors never seen before filled with exquisite surface patterns of both organic and manufactured goods that will serve you as inspiration.

Graphic design Archives - leManoosh

I like natural forms like this, dunno if it's texture or pattern, but I like it. color is pleasant as well. I like textures/patterns that feel like art

The Pentagram is a five-pointed star with its lines often interlaced & enclosed within a circle. It is a symbol of protection. The top point of the star represents the true spirit or the Goddess. The other four points symbolize the elements of creation Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. The star, as a whole, symbolizes the spirit bringing the elements into natural harmony.

Found @ A White Witchs Book of Shadows on fb Well, you are describing a pentacle, not a pentagram. The pentagram does not have a circle surrounding it.