Equalist ninjas by Sketchydeez on deviantART

New Korra footage brings back an old sketch I did of amons equalist ninja. Reposed a bit, and added a storm shadow rip off.

adult Sokka redraw by Sketchydeez on deviantART

repose of sokka from this team avatar sketch: this is why i never finish anything. i keep going back and redoing stuff.

Some more warm Ups to get me ready for the day. More Anatomy stuff. Hope you guys like um. God bless everyone! -Joey

Here's some of my anatomy sketches. People have been asking me to post anatomy stuff for some time. so here ya go guys! Hope you like um! More sketches . Anatomy warm ups

Snake eyes

Here is my fave GI Joe cover! Snake Eyes and StromShadow fighting ninjas together! I did the colors inks and the pencils as well!

Another Ninja Dude by Sketchydeez.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

character concept male nomad spear soldier wield mask cultist poleaxe torso muscular fighter warrior by Sketchydeez