Лавандовые поля, Прованс, Франция

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in Provence - I can see myself

Red Hat Lady picking lavender at Purple Haze Lavender Farm, Sequim, Washington. Sequim is known as the Lavender Capitol of North America. It is because of sun, soil and lack of rain. The weekend in July is Lavender Weekend.

Cinematic Lavender field in Provence, France | 13 Amazing Photos of Lavender Fields that will Rock your World

13 Amazing Photos of Lavender Fields that will Rock your World

The fragrant lavender fields bloom from June to August in the Luberon, around the Mont-Ventoux, in the region of Sault and that of Valreas,Provence, France.

Comme un Monet... / Champs de lavande. / The Lavender fields. / Provence, France.

This makes me think of one thing. The Color Purple. If you can walk by a field and not notice the color purple, I think that pisses God off.

Heraklion, Greece

Bougainvillea crush

~~Lavender Farm ~ Abiquiu, New Mexico | Purple Adobe Lavender Farm~~

Lavender field sunset, Provence, France Can imagine the beautiful aroma of this garden? I love lavender and tried to grow, but it died.

Purple flowers are a great way to add interest to your yard or landscape. See some of our favorite purple garden flowers!

70+ Beautiful Purple Flowers (Care & Growing Tips)

Lavender Fields, Provence | France (by Steffam Emmanuel)  Source: 500px.com

The Lavender Fields of the South of France. Lavender fields cover the high plateaux in the Sault area, at the base of Mont Ventoux. Lavender grows in the Apt area, in the Luberon and in the Valréas Enclave

Monet's Pond - Giverny, France This is absolutely the most beautiful place in the world! I'm so impressed. I fell in love! It's sooo wild, beautiful, magical, exciting.

Beautés de fleurs

Deep reddish pink waterlilies fill Lake Nong Harn, Thailand as a fisherman stands seeking his catch between the flowers on the still purple waters.

Лавандовые поля, Прованс, Франция. - Путешествуем вместе

Лавандовые поля, Прованс, Франция. - Путешествуем вместе