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Hand Tool - Ice Cream Scoop by Scott Shumaker at Coroflot.com

click above issuu link for more info This project was part of a form study to create a scooping tool. It was designed with ergonomics in mind and with the idea that you have more power when scooping .

Discover the Alessi Sfrido Potato Peeler at Amara

Alessi Sfrido Potato Peeler - Sfrido, the potato peeler designed by Valerio Sommella is part of the collection Objects Bijoux. Its very name (‘sfrido’ is Italian for scrap) hints at .

Artodyssey: Lu Jian Jun - Lu Jianjun (art, painting)

Lu Jian Jun "In Lu Jian Jun, China has produced an artist of imagination, a man with a distinctive and unquestionable mast.

IED Shiwa Concept - Design Sketch Render

At the Geneva Show Turin IED has unveiled its new concept car, a four-seater electric self-driving vehicle developed during the Master in Transportation Design.

Annam / Hermès / 2015 on Industrial Design Served

Set of vases, tray and candle holders in lacquered wood and leather.-Famille de vases, vide poches et bougeoirs en laque et cuir.

Form Studies 2

In Form Studies 2 lot of explorations of abstract forms was done. The main challenge was to select the most refined neutral form & take it in the direction of cute and sensuous without loosing its intent and character.

Details we like / Shape / 3D / Lines / Champfer / Transotion / at Indstr / Source: sprkbrain

At the start of I picked up Rhino as my second CAD program. I started a series of fun modeling experiments to practice form fluency in the program as well as quick KeyShot rendering compositions.

Nendo Redesigned Chopsticks, One Of The Oldest Japanese Utensils... archilovers.com

Nendo redesigned chopsticks, one of the oldest Japanese utensils, using a manufacturing techniques known as “Wakasa-nuri” design nendo chopsticks japan