The middle in cursive script saying "the eye of the needle" in homage to Brandi Carlile. The Space Needle in place of the sewing needle in homage to Penny.

Simple wave tattoo. I like this style of stroke. Where it thins out towards the ends.

A wave symbolized as one of the strongest forces on Earth. So strenght for one. Also, if you read more into it, it's about faith; a wave is you against mother nature, you cannot control it, you just have to put faith into her.

pulse mountains tattoo - Hledat Googlem

"I drew these tattoo designs for a friend to chose from. She loves nature. it's a life line and mountains" Add some trees, and we're good.

#Boise #City #skyline #silhouette by Igor Sorokin on @creativemarket

Stock Vector - Boise City skyline black and white silhouette. Simple flat concept for tourism presentation, banner