Twen Magazine, Germany, 1960's - "No one ran pictures bigger, cropped them tighter or had a darker vision than Willy Fleckhaus, the art director’s art director" (from an article in Eye)

Twen magazine / DA : Willy Fleckhaus / The grid of the Twen magazine was 12 column grid which was used in a seemingly endless number of ways combining its columns to produce two, three, four or six column layout.

Willy Fleckhaus

Born in Velbert, Germany in Willy Fleckhaus began his career as a trained journalist and editor. During the he wrote for and edited many publications specializing in various subjects, from religion and politics to national labor issues.

Willi Fleckhaus

Twen Magazine: designers will be familiar with Twen magazine as much has been written about its pioneering design. I wanted to collect together a few of my favourite layouts. Twen was.