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Gasteracantha cancriformis (Araneae: Araneidae), the spiny-backed orb-weaver

Craig found one of these in a bush next to the garage today. Stupid name though: Spiny bodied Spider. I like "Crown of thorns Spider" or "Stegosaurus Spider" better.

Strawberry spider in French Guiana

"Don't eat that strawberry!"Strawberry spider in French Guiana

African cave spider - I am generally not afraid of spiders but this gal is pretty intimidating!

African cave spider wtf kind of mutant spider is this!

Araña de seda dorada  La araña Nephila maculata se encuentra en la mayoría de los países del mundo, posee la tela de araña conocida más resistente, tanto que en Indonesia se utiliza en la elaboración de prendas de vestir. Además contiene propiedades coagulantes ayudando a la curación de heridas. El tamaño de estas arañas (hembras) puede ser considerable llegando a alcanzar los veinte centímetros en algunos casos.

Bird-Eating Spiders - Flying into the web of a giant Golden Orb Weaver spider and becoming stuck in it spelled the end for this native Australian finch.

Heteropoda boiei

I don't have a picture thread for tarantulas, as I usually use the Genus threads to post pics of them.

Ladybird spider (Eresus cinnaberinus)

Ladybird Spider “The striking bug was on the brink of extinction in the mid when a single colony of just 56 spiders was left in the UK. Since then, conservationists have striven to spread the.

Nephila clavata spider, also known as the Jorō Spider is a member of the golden orb-web spider group.

Nephila clavata spider,aka Jorō Spider is a member of the golden orb-web spiders.

Wolf Spider carrying her young. From Jacobo Martin on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/51708886@N03/6355533401/

Wolf Spider carrying her young. The egg sacs are attached to her spinnerets, which produce silk.

Gorgeous gold and purple jumping spider recently discovered in the Sraburi, Thailand

Sofía M. Villalpando on

The Simaetha spider is a gorgeous gold and purple jumping spider recently discovered in the Sraburi Province of Thailand.