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Time will keep going, so you have to make the most of what you have. Conor knows that his time with his mom is coming to an end, so he spends as much time with her as he can.


Circuits Split Over NLRB Decisions Finding Class-Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements Violate the NLRA

René Magritte -El tiempo atravezado

René Magritte -El tiempo atravezado Time is fleeting You cannot "catch" it Enjoy every moment AMES

Photo Manipulation par Norvz Autriche

Photo Manipulation par Norvz Autriche

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Railway disappear in watch grunge old art decay black and white - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images.

Just Dance - Low Self-Esteem Edition lol

This picture represents Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship. Lady Macbeth, in this case, is the puppetmaster controlling Macbeth's thoughts and action.


“ “The soul is a butterfly … There is a moment in which a voice tells us the time has come for a great metamorphosis … “_RUBEM ALVES ”

"... ben senden önce ölmek isterim;  gidenin arkasında gelen, gideni bulacak mı sanıyorsun ?  ben sanmıyorum bunu ..."  Nazım Hikmet

Illustrations by Cebu, Philippines based illustrator Niel Quisaba. His works has been featured in Computer Arts Projects and