One year may seem like a long time, but these are activities you will truly enjoy. We made them easy so that accomplishing a long-term goal will be a piece of cake.

The 365-Day Happiness Challenge Guaranteed to Change Your Life

The most important thing in life, without a doubt, is to be happy. With that being said, don't overthink your happiness — remaining content is actually incredibly simple. We created a challenge that will make you more cheerful than you've ever bee

camera filter

Colored Lens Filter DIY

Super easy and fun way to add a colored film feel to your photographs - DIY DSLR filters, colored camera filter, DIY photography ideas

The 30 Day Happiness  The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Take your trip with Glamulet charmsThe goal of 'being happy' can be overwhelming. Culture Trip has broken this mission down into 30 easy step

Open Book 5x7 Fine Art Photography art print by MarianneLoMonaco, $15.00

Still Life Photography: Open Book Fine Art Photography art print Bibliophile Bokeh Reader Book Print, Book Art work, Library photography

101 Everyday Summer Photo Prompts

101 Summer Photo Prompts

Drawing challenge! Follow me to see what random doodles i'll draw! I'm going to start the first of April

MORNING WORK - 30 Day Doodle Challenge Might turn this into a writing challenge because that would be interesting