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malfoypure: “Make me choose: “ tomfleton asked: Draco or Hermione ” ”


" Draco asked. "You wish," Harry answered. This makes me so sad. Poor Draco is just a boy and has had so much already done to him. He is lost and scared and has nowhere to go.

they definitely loved him.  harry wasn't the only kid whose life was affected by parent love<--That's totally the point, though. She wanted to show that initially, Draco and Harry were exactly the same. it's like the whole nature/nurture theory. They had the same lives but skewed in different directions by voldemort and dumbledore.

Lucius & Narcissa Malfoy were dispicable people but in the end, they were simply just parents. Parents who would do anything for their child. In that way, they were just like James & Lily Potter.

Snow: Hermione & Draco (Manip) Artwork by LostMaeblleshire --Don't ship them but this is cute.

Snow: Hermione & Draco (Manip) Artwork by LostMaeblleshire --Don't ship them but this is cute.- look at Ron just staring at them as he watches from the background.

Draco Malfoy by funsizedcat

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Girlfriend in the future and Harry ain't denying that Ginny is his girlfriend.