Would not say no if the end one with blonde hair (Draco) tries to suck my soul out


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Publicity still of Tom Felton, Jamie Waylett & Josh Herdman.

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biconic-rosa-diaz said: I love HP but I've never understood the part of the epilogue where the kids don't know why people are staring.

I hate how they cut out the scene where he throws his wand to Harry. I mean, yes he runs to his parents. But he does help the light side.

And he probably would have had his mom not called him I mean he looks so distraught about it and slightly shook his head when his dad called but when Narcissa called he looked down and went. This makes me kind of mad about Narcissa, but then i like her so

Draco Malfoy's 13 Hottest 'Harry Potter' Lewks

Draco Malfoy's 13 Hottest 'Harry Potter' Lewks

I love Tom Felton.

Tom Felton is awesome! He brought the amazing Draco Malfoy to life! So lets appreciate everyone's true favourite character :)

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Draco is handsome but he's such a prat to my brother!