the shattered souls tales from farnam book 4
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The Shattered Souls by Candace N. Coonan | Indigo Chapters

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The tide has turned against the royals... Princess Dawn, along with her cousins Evan and Ian, as well as her friends Mizu and Alan, experienced a narrow victory over Magica this past summer. And though it is now early autumn, the battle is heating up. The shattered body of demon, Ralston Radburn, is causing chaos all over Fadreama. These little fragments of evil latch onto the darkness in the hearts of both humans and demons, giving them the power to live out their most evil desires. Dawn and her friends begin the immense task of seeking out these fragments and purifying them, but find more than a few obstacles in their way. Not only is Dawn looking for fragments, but so is the dark Goddess of Hate sorceress, Magica. She has dispatched her Shadow Senshi to gather Fragments of Cardew, so th
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