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If you add camo to anything, it instantly becomes awesome. This makes me "happy happy happy". // Duck Dynasty

Truer words have never been spoken thank you jase for making this world a better place for the camo lovers,you just gotta love camo! And I'm a COUNTRY CAMO LOVER!

Thats me alright... Yet can pull of the princess if needed

I can load and shoot MY gun with an aim better than most guys ;) I look damn good in camo and I can bait my own hook and take my own fish off a line I can drive a truck take it muddin and not get stuck❤ I ain't a city girl ❤

Browning Camo

Camo everything:) I didn't know whether to pin it to my duck dynasty board or camo and country keep calm shes country

Realtree Camo Christmas Ornaments Pink & White 4 pk Camouflage

RealTree Camo Ornaments Pink/White

I Love JESUS with all my heart❤️

I Love JESUS with all my heart❤️

http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/542734_10152269404860273_1808220296_n.jpg #BowHunting

http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/542734_10152269404860273_1808220296_n.jpg #BowHunting

Lets go hunting ;) haha this is cute and funny

Duck Dynasty hunting camo Minion minions despicable me. My son loves this!

Real Tree Scarf Camo Infinity Mossy Oak by ForgottenCotton on Etsy, $22.00

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Real Tree Camo Infinity Scarf Camouflage i would wear this alot too for those country girls out there with class

I love pink camo and wear it all the time but this is funny

damn right so tired of people and there pink camo. PINK IS NOT CAMO! so please stop trying to be country because real country girls wear real camp not the pink crap.


A vegetarian asked what I felt while shooting deer. I replied, "Recoil." haha this is so true

It ain't in the way u dress or if u listen to country music it's how u were raised and who u r In the heart! There r fake country girls that and real contry girls! Me @Amb€r Mich€ll€✌  and @Carl€igh Br€Ann  r real country girls! We ain't no yuppys!

If your country you wear jeans and boots! If u aren't country u don't wear jeans and REAL boots!