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Quilting In The BunkHouse: Pieced Quilt Backings

Several times the question has come up about pieced backings. Starting with this post, I am going to.

quilt back: 12 and 6 inch wide strips from front fabric

I finished the binding on the Hometown Christmas quilt in time for my guild meeting tonight!

Nice quilt back making use of leftover squares from the front.

Note the off-centered topstitched squares. turns a simple block quilt into something eye-catching!

good design idea for the backing

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luke likes this one because he secretly is a michigan fan.  ACtually he said he would prefer the two solid colors to be the same.  Lilly thinks they could be different, but maybe not so stark a contrast

Neat as a backing idea. "Solstice Star" blocks was transformed into The Stars of Summer quilt.

TLC stitches.  For the back I used one from every color I used on the front (except the teal sashing) to make a rainbow.  They are varying heights but they are all the same width

A bright strip on a quilt back, like this, lifts a plain or sombre backing fabric.