Emmanuelle Béart CLASSICAL MAKE-UP

Emmanuelle Beart born 14 August 1963 is a French film actress who has appeared in over 60 film and television productions since 1972 An eighttime Cesar A

secret style icon: christina ricci in buffalo '66

Secret Style Icon: Christina Ricci in Buffalo ’66

Christina Ricci, Buffalo ‘66 (1998)

"Ricci, Buffalo At her MOST BEAUTIFUL period With that sexy round face of hers, I wholeheartedly agree.

Alex Evans Photography | Toronto Fashion and Portrait Photographer -

Ethereal - Photographed by Alex Evans Model Mary / Elmer Olsen Hair & Make-up Natalie Ventola / Nails Nargis Khan / reddish-purple lips w gloss, blush. brown eyeshadow if any.

Cher by Kevin Aucoin.

“fawnvelveteen: “Cher as Merle Oberon for Making Face by Kevyn Aucoin, 2000 ” I’ve been wanting to try an eye gloss for so long ”