26 Items You Must Have on Your Pampered Chef Registry

Start out on the right foot! Here are 26 things I would absolutely put on my Pampered Chef registry. via /creatingmyhappy/

Mix and chop!

With the pink product one of them being the mini mix n chop.what other creative uses are there for the mix n chop?

13 Kitchen Products You Didn't Know You Needed

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Love this!! Get yours at www.pamperedchef.biz/LindaLauas

My aunt bought me the manual food processor and I used it to make my son's baby food. So easy! I also used the prep cups when I was heating up his food from being in the freezer. I love both products and loved making my son's food!

How to Make Your Own Butter [infographic

Make Your Own Butter quickly & easily! One of my favorite tools for butter, whipped cream, salad dressing, scrambled eggs and more! to order

The ultimate gift guide for foodies & food lovers! Find unique and meaningful food gifts for those foodies & food lovers in your life (including yourself).

Buy chicken breasts in bulk and use the Close ‘N Cut to split them in half. They’ll cook faster! Get your Close & Cut (item # here: tiny.

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Hardboiled eggs

Purchase your Brownie Pan at www.biz/makingmemories -Bake in Oven on 325 for 30 minutes for Perfect Hard Boiled NO STICKING EGGS. Using Pampered Chef Brownie Pan.

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