Actress Raven Symone ~ one of my favorite people and actresses. I loved her as a child star and also "That's so Raven" was one of my favorite shows. While she was stylish she wasn't afraid to make you laugh.

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Raven Symone...luv the colour

Raven Symone started acting at age three in the hit show, ‘The Cosby Show’. She then went on to star in her own show on the Disney channel and several movies.

Raven Symone

crissle: a-bois-life: kayfresco: I’d smang. lets add this to my collection of Raven. Could she be any fucking prettier? I love this girl.

Raven-Symoné: Life with My 'Partner' AzMarie Livingston

Raven-Symoné: Life with My 'Partner' AzMarie Livingston

Raven-Symoné: Life with My 'Partner' AzMarie Livingston

What Makes Good Hair? | Wendi B Writes

What Makes Good Hair?

I love her hair and make up. It's all very barbie dollish even the lovely loose curls.

Raven Symone

Actress Raven-Symone celebrates her birthday on Dec.

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That's So Raven

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, you can never go wrong with a Disney costume.

A classic #sidepart and #sweptbangs can go a long way, especially at an especially #classy event. #weddinghair #ravensymone

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Raven-Symoné’s father has joined the list of critics taking issue with “The View” co-host’s comments on Africanized names.  “Raven is a really Beautiful, Sweethearted, Human Being.  Former child star Symone shocked her fellow co-hosts on Thursday’s episode of the ABC daytime show when she insisted that

Symone’s Dad Rips Her for Saying ‘Dumb S#%T!’

The View host Raven-Symone's dad supports his daughter despite dumb s she says