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No-sweat party recipe ideas for the hostess in everyone! Great for potlucks, picnics and more.
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there are many small pies on the cooling rack with text overlay that reads 3 - ingredient pepper jelly cream cheese bites
3-Ingredient Pepper Jelly Cream Cheese Bites
Easy yet impressive, these three-ingredient bites are perfect for whenever you need an appetizer, fast. From holiday gatherings to pre-Thanksgiving dinner snacks, simply top crescents with cream cheese and hot pepper jelly for poppable bites that are ready to party any time.
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Kid-Friendly Cinco de Mayo Creations
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by creating a fiesta the kids will love. We've pulled together festive activities, crafts, party food ideas, and Cinco de Mayo recipes that you can make any time of day. Ask your family to brainstorm with you, and make your day one to remember.
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Crescent Dogs
This easy, three-step pigs in a blanket recipe is loved by hungry kids and busy parents alike. Simply fill each hot dog with cheddar cheese, wrap in Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and bake. Prep only takes 10 minutes, so you can still relax and enjoy a delicious meal together. It's a win-win for everyone.
a white plate topped with desserts next to a bowl of cream
Air Fryer Cinnamon Roll Bites
Want to know a secret? Dessert can be for breakfast and appetizers! Complete your morning or party with air fryer cinnamon roll bites, made deliciously simple with Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls. Just cut each roll into pieces, pop them into the air fryer, shake them in cinnamon-sugar and serve it all up with dipping icing. It's a homemade treat without the work. Dip in!
ham and cheese crescent rolls on a white plate with a blue border around the edges
Ham and Cheese Crescent Rolls
These roll-ups aren't just for lunch—crescent dough, ham and cheese are perfect for an appetizer table, too. Serve them at your next get-together for a pre-dinner delight that gets all the compliments.
the 12 ways to turn that block of cream cheese into a party dip
12 Ways to Turn That Block of Cream Cheese into a Party Dip
A block of cream cheese has so much potential! We've got 12 delicious ways you can turn yours into a party dip that'll be gone before you can say "eat up!"
an advertisement for brownie time with peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies on the side
Every Delicious New Product That Pillsbury Has Launched in 2019
New Pillsbury™ Place & Bake™ Brownies are the perfect family night treat. When everyone hears what's for dessert, they'll come running to the table!
the waffle bar is ready to be eaten
How to Make a Ridiculously Easy Waffle Bar
Whether you're hosting a crowd for breakfast, or want to put a fun spin on your party buffet, this waffle bar comes together incredibly easily!
bundtwichs with different toppings are shown in this collage for the next party
11 Bundtwiches Your Next Game Day Party Needs
Win your next game day party with a Bundtwich big enough to feed your horde of hungry fans!
the cover of tasty roll - ups that are perfect for party season, including rolls and dips
15 Tasty Crescent Roll Recipes That Are Pretty Much Perfect
It’s finally potluck season! Bring any of these easy-to-make apps to your next get-together and be prepared to hear all the praise.
there is a sandwich with ham and eggs in it on a white plate that says denver omelet bundtwich
Denver Omelet Bundtwich
There are breakfast sandwiches, and then there are BREAKFAST SANDWICHES. This yummy Bundtwich takes all of the best flavors from a Denver omelet and sandwiches them between two layers of buttery crescent roll dough. It’s the ultimate brunch party pleaser, and will have all of your guests asking for the recipe.
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a close up of a sandwich on a plate with the words bundtwich
Monte Cristo Bundtwich
If you love Monte Cristo sandwiches, prepare to have your mind blown! We just gave this classic the full Bundtwich treatment, so it’s easy to share the greatness of this famous sandwich with all of your closest friends and family. (Never had a Monte Cristo? The unique combination of turkey, ham, Swiss cheese and strawberry jam inside a buttery crescent sprinkled with powdered sugar is 100% worth trying—we promise!)
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the bbq chicken cheddar sandwich is on a white plate
Barbecue Chicken and Cheddar Bundtwich
Five simple ingredients are all you need for this incredibly easy Bundtwich to come together. The combination of chicken, barbecue sauce, Cheddar cheese and red onion nestled between slices of crescent roll dough will earn you rave reviews around the table.
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a bundtwich sandwich on a blue plate
Cheesy Taco Beef Bundtwich
Think outside the shell with this taco Bundtwich that’s filled with all of your favorite classic ingredients. Not only is it delicious, it’s also a no-fail way to serve tacos at a party, whether you’re the host or bringing a dish.
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meatball sub bundtwich on a plate with ketchup in the middle
Meatball Sub Bundtwich
It’s like your favorite meatball sub from the Italian eatery, but better! This homemade Bundtwich, inspired by those classic meatball heroes and hoagies, is ideal for serving to a crowd and packs some serious flavor thanks to the filling made from Italian meatballs, tomato-basil pasta sauce, sliced provolone and pepperoncini peppers.
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