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a cross stitch brooch with a bird on it
Crossstich Etamin Plastic canvas Plastik kanvas Plastik etamin
four keychains made to look like pixel art
Cassettes- Hama Bead Keyrings by Dogtorwho on DeviantArt | Diy perler bead crafts, Easy perler beads ideas, Hama beads patterns
a person holding up a piece of cross stitch
Иноске Вышивка Крестиком Схема от Vutrem.
Персонаж из аниме "Клинок Рассекающий Демонов" Иноске вышивка крестиком схема от Vutrem (vk).
an image of two animals that are made out of pixellated squares, one is pink and the other is gray
Кристина и Крис Кусь
a person holding up a small piece of pixel art
Брелок «Свинка»
two cute little mouses with big eyes on a gray surface, one is wearing a blue bow and the other has a pink nose
Кристина и Крис кусь