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a poster with different types of music and words on the front, in black frame
a poster with words describing how to use the phrase during rereasals on it
Rehearsal Procedure
Orchestra Classroom Ideas: Rehearsal Procedure
music awards with gold and black stripes on the bottom, pink flowers in the background
Melody Payne - Music for a Lifetime
63 Music Awards {Chic & Glam, Editable} These glamorous music award certificates are the perfect way to recognize your music students for their hard work and dedication to music! #musictpt #pianoteaching #elmused #pluckpianista
i sangg by myself today tiny awards for big accomplishments and prizes
I Sang By Myself Today!
a music book with the title'music seating chart & attendance'written on it
Music Assessments with Seating Charts
the top 10 reasons music games are a must for middle school and high school choir
10 Reasons Music Games are a Must for Middle & High School Choirs
Unlock the fun in your middle & high school choirs with 'Choir Fun 101'! 🎶 Discover the top 10 reasons why music games are a must for your students. From building teamwork to enhancing vocal skills, this blog post by Savvy Ellie Music has the key to making choir exciting and engaging. 🌟 Check out the blog for a harmonious blend of creativity and education! #ChoirFun #MusicEducation #SavvyEllieMusic #Choir #Chorus #MusicTeacher #Chorusteacher #Choirteacher #Choirdirector
five things you should say to your band more often
5 Things You Should Say to Your Band More Often - Band Directors Talk Shop
a poster with the words behavior in the music room attached to it's wall
Managing Behavior: Alleviating Issues Before They Begin