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We love this living willow outdoor structure tht gives you another living room in your garden ! More Living Willow Str.

old garden stairway

Staircase / Dumbarton Oaks Garden, Washington DC I adore Washington, D. It is my favorite place to visit with all of the museums and history to visit and learn about. There is never enough time to see it all.


brick path nearly a dry waterway - fun to run up and down from side to side (Sendero)

DIY Create a foliage river. Easy to create using ProvenWinners plants. Try using t Illusion MidnightLace (SweetPotatoVine) and with different varieties of Colues. ProvenWinners Colorblaze series offers "Keystone Kopper' pictured right; 'Lifelime' coleus is the bright chartreuse color running down the middle and the coleus in the back left side is 'Dark Star' These plants offer unique texture and all summer performance in the landscape

Illusion® Midnight Lace - Sweet Potato Vine - Ipomoea batatas

Create a foliage river. Try using Illusion Midnight Lace (SweetPotatoVine) and with different varieties of Coleus. ProvenWinners Colorblaze series offers "Keystone Kopper' pictured right;

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Wouldn't something like this be an excellent, functional way to decorate a path and divert water

A vida é um sopro, um minuto! A gente vem, conta uma historia e vai embora. (Oscar Niemayer)

isometrics: “ // Landscape Architecture Projects by Cicada Landscape Architecture Photography by Patrick Bingham-Hall ”