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a pink flower sitting on top of an open book next to a wooden table with chairs
a painting of a man and woman sitting next to each other in front of flowers
an image of a lion in the woods with a quote above it that reads, courage, near heart
Aslan / Narnia / Wallpaper
This one was my first request!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy! One thing you might want to know: you can always tell me in the notes if you had a specific quote or anything in your mind and I will try to make a wallpaper or a bookmark (whatever you choose) for it. Love, BBRR<3 #wallpaper #phonewallpaper #bookquote #narnia #aslan #edmundpevensie #chroniclesofnarnia #pevensiesiblings #thehorseandhisboy #peterpevensie #lucypevensie
two women in dresses reading a book together
a close up of a person's hand with a ring on top of a dress
a painting of a woman picking flowers in the grass with a basket on her lap
a close up of a painting of a woman with flowers on her head and hair
a woman in a white dress is looking at herself in the mirror and candles are lit
Vintage Dark Academia - Period drama aesthetic
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two women standing under umbrellas in the rain by a tree and bushes, with one woman holding an umbrella
Silvestro Lega (1826-1895) "Passeggiata" 1870