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Валентинка приветик
an old russian text in black and white
an image of a boy kissing his friend on the cheek with snowflakes in the background
⊅ᴧя ⊅уɯи
Я бы свитером твоим стал. Согревал тебя каждый день. Если сердце грызет тоска, Разыщи меня и надень. Владимир Ток
two penguins are touching each other with their beaks in front of the caption
a red rose sitting on top of an open book with the words written in russian
Признаться в любви стихами
a red rose with the words, una no compoa written in russian
С днём Святого Валентина
two small children standing next to each other in front of a black and white photo
a pink card with a heart on it
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a wooden table
an elderly couple hugging each other in front of hearts and the words happy valentine's day
a handwritten poem in russian with the words, we cannot't get what you want
a red heart with words written in russian and english on the background of fireworks, stars and sparkles
a red heart with the words i love you in russian