Валерий Барыкин

Валерий Барыкин

1128. Советский плакат: Построим хорошие свинарники!

Soviet poster : build a good pigsties !


“BoingBoing: RT sovietvisuals: "A healthy spirit demands a healthy body!


Soviet Space Program Propaganda Poster: Soviet means excellent! More posters here.

Храните деньги в сберегательной кассе!

Upsr chinese essay Chinese for upsr essay. Currently sat writing an essay about key issues in the industry, it's funny how time fly's when you're having fun. I'm forever grateful:)

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Be bold, search, create

Be bold, search, create

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I wish it would be Monday Again! Back to office!

Commmunist propaganda! We are all comrades. ("Sino-Soviet eternal friendship poster")

Homoerotic Sino-USSR friendship propaganda from the

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"Breed rabbits! Little upkeep, but big profits." (Georgii Shchetkin, 1957)

‘Kolkhoz propaganda poster by Khokhloma

USSR Soviet Union Space Exploration Program Art Propaganda Poster СССР Советский Союз Космос Плакат

Posters of the golden age of Soviet cosmonauts: Iraklii Toidze, In the Name of Peace, 1959

Soviet poster Propaganda USSR 003 by SovietPoster on Etsy, $9.99

Soviet poster, Propaganda, USSR, 003

Give quality 1931 Vintage Soviet agitational by mapsandposters

советские плакаты: 21 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Soviet vacation poster Text: “Whole family on vacation”.

AtPrint: Акция "Скачай и распечатай" социальный плакат о защите окружающей среды от Интернет-портала GreenEvolution.ru

The destroyer of nature to the harsh responsibility!

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USSR, WWII — "WHAT did you do today to win?" — A Soviet soldier in winter gear stands over a fallen German soldier in the snow, as a German tank burns in the background.