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Fresas con Crema (Strawberries and Cream) - Tastes Better from Scratch -- Strawberries and Cream (Fresas con Crema) is a traditional Mexican dessert recipe made with la lechera (sweetened condensed milk), whipping cream, sour cream, and strawberries.   Serves 8
Tres Leches Cake Recipe - Tastes Better From Scratch -- The BEST authentic homemade Tres Leches Cake. An ultra light cake soaked in a sweet milk mixture and topped with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon. This simple Mexican dessert is one of our favorites!   Serves 12

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National parfait day is November 25. And in honor of that I made a delicious parfait as a snack the afternoon. It hit the spot! Filling, but not heavy. And it satisfied an afternoon sweet tooth, but wasn’t loaded with high fructose corn syrup.  As I was making it I thought, “hmmm, I should really make this as a dessert more often.” It was just so good!  Serves 2
Beeville Honey Cakes (makes 12):  This classic recipe has been a fan favorite for over 38 years! Sweet little Honey Cakes topped with an ooey, gooey honey and brown sugar glaze.
Everything you know and love about a cinnamon roll in the form of everyone's favorite bundt cake. From the gooey cinnamon filling, to the cream cheese icing on top, this Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake is perfection for cinnamon roll lovers.


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Just like the original (Hostess), individual chocolate cakes are enrobed in marshmallow and coconut.  Makes 12 Sno Balls
Cinnabon Frosting can be made in your kitchen with this recipe. What could be better than the rich and creamy Cinnabon Frosting? This cream cheese frosting doesn’t have to be used on cinnamon rolls, enjoy it on cupcakes, and your favorite cake.
COPYCAT STARBUCK'S LEMON LOAF:  This Copycat Starbuck’s Lemon Loaf is homemade and full of lemon flavor with a simple lemon glaze on top that makes this better than Starbuck’s!  6 servings

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I’m sure everyone gets those cravings for something sweet after having dinner. I know I do and I’ve taken advantage of a quick treat I can whip up in a cup more than once.   I found many cakes, cookies and breakfast treats that you can try. Personally, I can’t wait to try a blueberry muffin or a coffee cake on Monday morning. And I am so digging into a Snickerdoodle cake next date night.


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Bibingka - Filipino Coconut Cake from Zestuous - My favorite Filipino dessert by far is Bibingka. It’s a thin, unfrosted cake made with sweet rice flour and cream of coconut.  Serves 20

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Cinnamon Roll Cake with Lemon Mascarpone Frosting (12 servings) - Is it a breakfast treat? A trendy new dessert? You make the call – with our luscious Cinnamon Roll Cake. Rolled full of cinnamon flavor, McCormick Gourmet™ Organic Cinnamon & Nutmeg with Chia Seasoning adds the warm spice you’d expect, with a subtle, nutty crunch. Glazed with a sophisticatedly sweet lemon mascarpone frosting, this recipe is a keeper.
No Bake Almond Joy Roll - This easy and fun no bake almond joy roll is dense, chocolatey and has a creamy, sweet and smooth coconut filling.

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Cake mix + soda = cake. No water,egg, oil, etc, just cake mix and soda.

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San Francisco Gold Rush Cupcakes (makes 18) -- San Francisco fans will be including a batch of these cupcakes in their big game parties.
Christmas Cupcakes | Balancing Motherhood -- Christmas cupcakes are a thing. And, this version is cute as can be. Christmas isn’t necessarily the holiday where cupcakes come to mind, but check these out! But if you’re looking for cute Christmas dessert ideas, these Christmas cupcakes are so pretty and really easy to make.
Rhubarb Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting (12 cupcakes) - Sweet and tart rhubarb cupcakes that are soaked in rhubarb simple syrup and piled high with whipped cream cheese frosting.

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Emeril's Orange Walnut Coffee Cake | (serves 10-12) Holiday Brunch
Whole Wheat Microwave Snack Cake (1 9-inch snack cake):  A cake made in the microwave? You're probably thinking this won't work - but this recipe will change your mind. Our Whole Wheat Snack Cake has apples, cinnamon, chopped nuts, brown sugar, whole wheat flour and vanilla -- and is ready to eat in just 14 minutes!
Upside Down Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake (serves 8):  This Upside-Down Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake recipe is so easy to make!   By the time your oven has preheated you are ready to put the coffee cake into the oven.   Nice and gooey with plenty of pecans and apples it’s just as good re heated in the microwave.   A GREAT Sunday morning breakfast, perfect breakfast to serve out of town guests and to serve at your next brunch.

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Angel Food Cake Blueberry Trifle - Angel food cake with a cheesecake and a fresh blueberry filling topped with whipped cream. Recipes, Food and Cooking
Hot Milk Sponge Cake

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This rich, dark chocolate cake paired with light and sweet chocolate mousse is a real crowd pleaser!  If you prefer not to fill the cake, or are running short on time, you can always slice the cake and serve it with a large spoonful of the mousse on top.


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The BEST Butter Pecan Cake recipe! It's brimming with a rich buttery flavor and swirled with plenty of pecans. It's moist and sweet and a perfectly tempting cake fit for any occasion! #butterpecan #cake #birthday #recipe
It is hard to find scratch strawberry cakes, so this one is worth it weight in gold to me as a caterer. I made this cake for a child's birthday party. It was a major hit! Frost with cream cheese or vanilla frosting - or for a treat, use a chocolate glaze!  Makes two 9-inch layers, 14 servings.
The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake You’ll Ever Have #TheMost #Amazing #Chocolate #Cake #You’llEverHave #dessert #pie

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Chocolate sheet cake is topped with peanut butter-infused vanilla frosting, then studded with a generous layer of two kinds of Reese’s™ candy. It’s a peanut butter and chocolate lover’s dream come true.
This simple Strawberry Sheet Cake is a must-bake for strawberry lovers. With plenty of strawberries in both the cake and frosting, this is one irresistible cake! - Bake or Break #cake #strawberry
Chocolate Cherry Crisp Dump Cake

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Image for Individual Chocolate Lava Cakes from Ghirardelli - Makes 8 cakes
10 Minute Microwave Cheesecake Mug Cake. A quick and easy single serving cheesecake fix!  Serves 1
Double Chocolate Oat Mug Cake from Quaker®

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Do-Nothing Cake | Kitchn - In short, Do-Nothing Cake (15-20 servings) is a low-tech, dump-and-stir combination of pantry staples, canned pineapple, and a hybrid icing/soaking glaze packed with a mound of chopped nuts and shredded coconut. It’s also technically a poke cake, and, come to think of it, you might actually consider it the original “dump cake.”
Strawberries 'N Cream Poke Cake Is The It Cake Of SpringDelish

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Candy Cane Cake Bars - Serve these fun and festive cake bars at your holiday party or add them to a cookie tin for a food gift.  Serve these fun and festive cake bars at your holiday party or add them to a cookie tin for a food gift. They may look difficult but, since you use a boxed cake mix, they can be ready in a little over an hour.
Sticky Toffee Pudding (serves 10-12) - Holiday Baking -


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How to Make a Light and Fluffy Cake Like a Pro
How to Make Mirror Glaze (Shiny) Cakes: Recipe & Tutorial | The latest craze…

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Chocolate and sugar are the perfect combination and often sold as a gourmet topping. Skip the gourmet price and make your own chocolate sugar with this recipe. So simple and quick, you’ll be enjoying your chocolate sugar in less than five minutes, start to finish.
How to Make Colored Sweetener
Simple party trick: replace white sugar with purple sugar and WHAM, you have a party on your hands! Colored sugar adds a unique, decorative touch to sweets. Save yourself a trip to the store and make this easy colored sugar recipe at home.


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This Mascarpone Mixed Berry Cake (7 slices) is so soft and moist, it can be baked and served straight from the pan. You can serve it as a coffee cake for brunch or with a scoop of ice cream for dessert.
Dundee cake was first commercially developed in the 1800’s and is easily recognizable with the blanched almonds beautifully arranged in concentric circles on top.

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Blood Orange Bread  Butter Pudding (6 servings):  We gave Bread and Butter Pudding a small glow up. Hear us out. Blood Orange Bread and Butter Pudding. This new and fresh recipe has all the elements of the classic dish but we have elevated it ever so slightly. With the perfect balance of sweetness throughout, we are positive that this will go down amazingly well at your next lunch or dinner party. The kids might even surprise you.
Best Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce (8 servings):  "We found this recipe tucked inside my mom's Bible when going through her things. It has become a family tradition on the first snow day of the year and if that doesn't happen, which can be the case here in central Virginia, we know it'll be the featured dessert at Easter and anytime a comfort food is in order."
Bramley Apple and Mincemeat Pudding 65 minutes · Makes 6Bramley Apple Mincemeat Pudding is an excellent way of using up all your excess mincemeat or makes a lighter alternative to Christmas Pudding.

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Rum Soaked Pound Cake (12 servings):  This sweet and slightly boozy recipe is a delicious addition to any meal but it especially shines during the holidays.  Make your rum cake even more flavorful by using Louisiana-distilled rum. ©Louisiana Cookin' Magazine.  Ensure you get the best flavor by using a Louisiana-distilled Rum. Check out the different Louisiana distillers and find the perfect rum for your pound cake.
This is one of my newest and most favorite recipes. It is a quick bread that uses a jewel from my beloved upper peninsula of Michigan. Tart RED cherries. It is quick, It is easy and It is YUMMY!

Pound Cake

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A great frosting ….spread on cakes and piped onto cupcakes, a tasty filling in crepes or on waffles along with some fruit…way less sugar too!    Don’t forget to Pin this so it will be SAVED to
Strawberry Whipped Cream Cheese Filling:  We LOVE this light and dreamy Whipped Cream Cheese Filling recipe! It is easy to make, flavorful, and makes the perfect filling for cakes and cupcakes!  Makes about 3 cups.
Recipe for sugar free maple cream cheese frosting:  This decadent treat is sure to satisfy any time of day! Your favorite brewed and chilled coffee turned into a dessert! What could be better?!!

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Zucchini Cake Roll with Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling -- Fresh from the garden, this Zucchini Cake Roll is the perfect way to use up all your zucchini! Even better; it’s filled with chocolate cream cheese frosting!

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