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Большой обзор с фотографиями природы и работ мастеров ДПИ, использовавшими природные формы, фактуры и т. д. Можно его дополнить чем-то, можно просто посмотреть.…

Photo by Michael Snedic.This wouldn't last an hour in my yard. Two of the herd of grey squirrels are big mushroom destroyers. Any that pop up are usually scattered over the yard before the day is done.


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Pregnant mushroom doesn't have much / mush-room left to accommodate this sibling ! Literally at 'breaking point '

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Often called “The Veiled Lady” the fruit body of the fungus is characterized by a conical to bell-shaped cap on a stalk and a delicate “lacy skirt” that hangs from beneath the cap and reaches nearly to the ground.