How to make Galaxy Candy Apples

The 11 Best Candy Apple Recipes

How to make Galaxy Candy Apples, melt jolly ranchers and add edible glitter (mini party appetizers fun)

Pavement tiles, Barcelona (Gaudí)*

Use Tin Ceiling tiles to imprint in concrete Pavement tiles, Barcelona. ~ when i was there a few years ago, i was amazed by the sidewalks, theywent on for miles

Restroom signs that will make you double take (13 photos)

Restroom signs that will make you double take (13 photos)

stating the obvious, toilet signs

Sooner or later every graphic designer is asked to design a signage for a storefront or general way finding. Here are some awesome signage design inspiration I have been collecting from everywhere.

naturally dyed easter egg collage

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

panda latte


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Impress your guests with this beautiful rose-shaped dessert made with lots of soft and delicious apple slices, wrapped in sweet and crispy puff pastry Cooking with Manuela: Apple Roses