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two different views of the same man's shirt with his name written on it
Sims House's Men's polo shirt
two male models are standing next to each other in front of a cityscape
Sims House's Men's shirt with colored inserts on the cuffs.
two different views of a man in grey and red sweaters, with cityscape in the background
Sims House's Men's sweater tucked in front
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Sims House's Silk men's shirt
two men in coats and pants standing next to each other
Sims House's Men's cloak
three men wearing black and red shirts with flowers on the shirt, one man in glasses
hoanglap's Floral Shirt (Romantic Garden pack need)
three men in black, white and red shirts
Birba32's Christmas shirts
three men standing next to each other in different outfits
McLayneSims' Santi Trench Coat
three men wearing different colored clothing and sunglasses
ZitaRossouw's Denim n Jacket
three young men wearing different colored ties
Birba32's Bill Shirt
three male avatars standing next to each other
Birba32's Patrick Jacket
many different colored pants are shown in this image, and there is no image to describe
Clothing by NerdySimsFashion
three men are wearing vests and ties in different colors for the simster's avatar
Birba32's Double Gilet Man
three male models are standing on the beach in swimsuits and bathing trunks,
altea127's Male Teen Fresh color swimwear