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Stroud Gloucestershire | The Modern House
Mountain Air Family Lodge - Style Estate -
Country Homes & Interiors - December 2013
Located in the mountains of West Virginia, photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz have built their own enchanting retreat made out of discarded windows, on a budget of $500. The towering home away from home boasts a creative facade made of windows of varying sizes, giving it an artistic flair that is both rustic and modern. More than anything, though, it is a representation of the couple's diligent and penny-pinching efforts.
au coeur de la vie, dans les arbres
Ça serait beau juste le panneau de la douche sans le reste de la clôture ou même sans la ceramic juste du bois.
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au coeur de la vie, dans les arbres Beautiful design.  Amazing rustic cabin small house home cabin timber cottage.  Scott Newkirk, a fashion stylist and interior designer, leads the usual hectic city life. He spends every weekend living off the grid at his 300-square-foot house in Yulan, New York.  There’s no electricity or running water. ....