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there are many different pictures on the wall with cd's attached to each one
Indie🐸 в 2022 г | Артбуки, Абстрактные раскраски, Легкие рисунки
the patterns and textures used in this pattern book are very detailed, but they have been drawn
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I couldn't go to his funeral because I couldn't see him like that, pale and dead in a casket, ready to be lowered into the ground to never be seen again and to rot away till he was nothing but bones. I didn't want that to be my last memory of him. Instead I focus really hard on trying to remember his voice. I can remember his laugh, and I know it was a warm voice. I can't hear it in my head but I can feel it. It's so hard missing someone you just started to get to know and love. Sketches, Drawing Tutorial, Ilustrasi, Beautiful
a pencil drawing of a person holding their hands up in the shape of a heart
there are many different cards on the bed
a drawing of bees, flowers and other things on a piece of paper that says slow progress is still progress
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