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Eye close up photograph, microscopic view, showing intricate nerves. Do you notice how the design reflects a photograph of the universe? - DdO:)

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What is there to struggle against? Nobody can put the stars back together again. — Henry Miller quotes Patchen in “Patchen: Man of Anger and Light,”

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The 'Hand of God' Nebula - Cosmic Hand Reaches for the Light. The blue hand-like structure was created by energy emanating from the nebula around the dying star PSR B1509-58. (scheduled via

The ‘Hand of God’ Nebula. Was so ready for this to be a crock of shit or over photoshopped - but NASA website confirms! This is a real Nebula formation - truly the hand of God!

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I love a little bit of everything in life 'cause the universe is beautiful. Plus, I'm awesome.

elasticelephantinlove said: Eres una persona depresiva, porque yo lo soy y entiendo y siento todo lo que escribes Answer: Quién dijo que soy depresivo? Soy un alienígena, la depresión no esta en...

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M42, The Great Nebula in Orion  Credit:Jerry Lodriguss

We are star stuff. We are under the same blue sky, swirling on the same blue/green planet, one of many and many expressions of one. Love each other, love yourself. Life is amazing.

Night sky

The deep lush rich colours of our Universe is simply awesome.the fusion of the colours allow for rich textures of space-scapes to be formed . :) «i don't always like waking up

The universe is incredible...

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We Walked With Giants

Perspective: Our planet is simply another "speck" floating in our galaxy among the countless galaxies.