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some food is sitting on display in a deli counter with the name pati above it
Patti Bistrot Milano - The mood of Patti Bistrot in Milan is characterized by the use of Provençal lozenge-shaped tiles from the Arabesque collection by Tonalite, mixed in the three colors white, gray and black
a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen next to cupboards and drawers in a kitchen
Nook design Interior - Lantern-shaped tiles from Tonalite's Arabesque collection were chosen for the backsplash wall tiles
wooden utensils are sitting in a basket next to a white tile backsplash
a white tile wall with an intricate design
a washer and dryer sitting next to each other in a room with tiled walls
Home Design IdeASara - the lantern tiles are from the Arabesque collection by Tonalite
a bathroom with red and white tiles on the wall, sink and mirror in it
a kitchen with blue and white tiles on the walls, shelves and countertop area
a bathroom with a toilet, shower head and soap dispenser in it
a kitchen with white cabinets and pink flowers in a vase on the counter top,
Joanna Interior Lifestyle - the tiles from the Arabesque collection by Tonalite characterize the backsplash project of this kitchen
an image of a tile wall that looks like it is made out of cement
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a bathroom with blue and white tiles on the walls, a round sink and wooden countertop
a checkered counter in a restaurant with three stools and two lights hanging from the ceiling
Ceramica Design snc - Tonalite's Arabesque collection was used to cover the counter with lantern-shaped tiles
the shower head is mounted to the side of the wall and it has an interesting pattern
Vip Keramika - Tonalite's arabesque collection of lantern-shaped tiles was used with a three-color scheme to cover the shower in this project